El Nido Philippines

I just want to share with you guys  a beautiful group of islands in the Philippines. Here I would specifically introduce El Nido @ palawan islands to the world. I guess many island lovers would already know this, but maybe some of my viewer would never heard of this place.

And it’s surely deserves to be in any diver list to dive. Here are among the photos that I want to share with you guys. Unfortunately I don’t own them, but hopefully one day I will ^_^  (just click on the photos for Full Size of the image to make it as a wallpaper perhaps) so enjoy ->

It’s basically located in the province of Palawan in the Philiphines, I think it’s still a hidden gem since I bet not many people are aware of it’s beauty, or it’s only me.haha. Here’s the map to Elnido islands ->

Coordinates: 11°20?N 119°41?E

Simply breath taking view don’t you guys agree? Maybe some other time I’ll share with you guys some other photos. Till my next island review. Adios!

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28 Responses
  1. tia says:

    bestnye if dapat pergi sana! 🙂

  2. zool says:

    SUch a nice view..
    Maybe I’ll come next year .. but don’t know what year la….

  3. devoted lily says:

    nice pic and scenery there, hope i can go there one day =)

  4. Anonymous says:

    perkh!! kan best klu dpt lepak ramai2 kat sana.. hahha..

    • Anonymous says:

      tuelaa yus, kite wat gathering kt mane2 island….nnti sape2 daa jadik millionaire br pi sini…ade brani? klo perhentian budget rm500 4hari3mlm daa cukup menarik daa!!! nnti kite discuss lagi..haha

  5. najwazarith says:

    Ya Allah cantiknyaa….
    kalu boleh honeymoon kat situu….perghh(T_T)

    just passing thru~ slmt menunaikan ibadah puase n slmt berbuke jap g…

  6. Iyla_r says:

    WOW…cantiknya. Mana you dpt info tntg tempat ni

    • Anonymous says:

      time form 3 dulu kan study geografi ^_^ so mmg tau philiphines byk island2 cun2…so i guess it’s just general knowledge..haha…mcm kt langkawi ade 99 island, sure ade island yg tersorok n org tatau lagi, nnti me reveaL…tatau lagi bila..wakakak….tunggu me teroka…

      pictures just search from the net , they are plenty..u just need to know what u r searching for 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    cantek !!
    nak pegi jugakkkkkkkkk
    bawak kan peg sana bulehhh 😉

  8. zama says:

    omg ! what a beautiful island ! 🙂

  9. fifiey says:

    when will gana be there?/i wanna join u! hikhik^_^..overall, nice scenery.

  10. Nine says:

    wahh nice Hans, cantik gak ek philippines (pinoy) nih, bila u pergi nih Hans ? best snorkling tuh..hehe

  11. Sakura Galz says:

    very the nice beach….i thing is very good for rest my mind and my depression….nice…i like this…

  12. roan_ganda21 says:

    hey, i’ll be sharing one of your pix on my blog with a link on this post. hope it’s okay..

    will be in el nido next week.. so excited.. =)

  13. Joo Ann Koh says:

    never knew of the island’s existence,thanks for sharing ^^

    -TC446- 😛

  14. pilotHans says:

    would appreciate if anyone can reply my inquiry bout traveling to el-nido at my lonelyplanet entry -> http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?newPost=true&threadID=2115426

  15. pilotHans says:

    going to Malapasqua island, Cebu this year….another awesome dive heaven other then el-nido

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