The true meaning of Independence 4

53 years ago. First of all, Happy Independence day to all Malaysians. 53 years has passed since we archived independence on 31 august 1957.  So what does Independence really mean to us? Are we really independent not just physically but mentally? They are backstreet stories of us being independent mentally and physiologically. The way we think. Is it independent? Are we nurturing our own values?

In general, Independence means

1) the freedom to decide or separate ourselves from personal ideologies and also intellectually challenge ourselves to see the full scope of an issue in order to find real solutions for the good of the whole.

2) being able to choose to empower ourselves with the information to independently make up our own minds in own ways with our own terms on our own time frame.

3) creating a world class society in which we can perceive nations through a satellite view, rather than a microscopic view, and make value judgments based on what’s good for the future, rather than the present.

4) We must not depend on the opinions of others, but on the factual issues and actions of individuals and our governments that we have elected fairly with democracy.

5)  we have the freedom to pursue personal needs while choosing global motivations, and face the consequences of those actions, both wonderful and tragic, with the intent to learn, grow, and gain wisdom.

6) True independence means recognizing that every type of thought and belief system has something to teach, to offer, and that if we learn from those in our world, our chances of creating real change for the betterment of all increases exponentially.

7) Being able to choose for ourselves, to plan our lives and to execute what we want within our own rules set by our own parliament.

8 ) Wisdom demands for us to further our own independence by freeing ourselves from the prison of personal experience by embracing realities other than our own and thereby freeing ourselves from the shackles of ignorance and opening up our minds to new things that has globalize this planet.

My hopes/wishes

To those Independence patriots, I salute you. Without them we are not where we are today,  living our lives as we are. (yeah, there surely room for improvements here and there) .

I would also hope we remain Independence for generations to come. To my Malaysian viewers, I would like to shout out to you guys, let’s show our Jalur Gemilang flag, and share some spirit. Remember, without Independence they won’t be Freedom. As our fight and goals have changed throughout the years we should never take for granted of our independence. I hope , at least the cry of Independence would be heard for generations to come. But if one day my country needs me to fight for it, I’ll be available without any doubt!  MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

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4 thoughts on “The true meaning of Independence

  • syaftome

    nice entry…love it…

    those days, independence was about free from the british colonist…
    but today, its about your soul independence…i think…
    its about how you think and the way you reacts to sensitive issues or propaganda…
    from there, we could see whether a person is independence enough to make up his/her mind and do something for a greater good…

  • Zakariabrandon

    Independence itslef means no just a word nor term but rather struggle, its the matter of how far we are able to keep it alive, preserve and inherit it to the future generation, and that also describes, we are on the verge of losing is as the youngster nowadays fail to comprehend thoroughly the “nikmat” of independence, ….