I need a mortgage lawyer 10

1) Anyone can recommend me a good/honest/affordable mortgage lawyer in Klang Valley. Email me for details, thanks.

2) my house inspector is yet available, my email 2 ISM seems to have fallen on deaf ears πŸ™

is it true that these days honest lawyers are hard to find?

3) in the meantime, also scouting for bankers to get the best rates. From what I know now, BLR – 2.3 in most banks. would love to include the MRTA too. I’m also doing some basic calculations on this.

4) renovations budgeting is also in plan…….i’ve a list but hey I need to shortList the priorities… ^_^ yeah, imagine having these pools in my house -> click here . One could dream…haha

i wonder, would a 30*10 pool look like this? :p

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