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“Coffee Addiction” Besides using my coffee machines to brew fresh roasted coffee at home/office, if I’m on the go I’ll just grab whatever I see”

Everyone has some sort of addiction. If you are a Caffeine addict like me, you would hold on to the believe that in low doses, it’s associated with an improvement in sporting performance. Further more, it manage to increase alertness and reduction in fatigue potentially lifting a person’s mood. Yup, exactly. Early morning coffee’s always gets my mood ON. Coffee also contains some antioxidants which have positive effects on our heart health. Alertness during driving that gives you that vibe to refresh your head or overcome tiredness on those early sleepy mornings. They say, addiction is bad for you. I do agree in some sort of degree, but some are justifiable. 😛

However I do not neglect that they are some sort of negative effects . For me, my eyes would automatically blink by itself  (if i have too much coffee, then I know I need to stop) That’s why i limit my self to max 6 servings per day (Average is about 2-3). Only the first I use sugar, the subsequently would be without sugar. I love my coffee black.

How about you guys? What kind of coffee can make your day and what kind of coffee do you consume on a daily basis?

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