Race Report : MOWS PD OWS Challenge II

“Starting/Finishing Line of the MOWS PD OWS Challenge II.”

Date : 1 July 2018 (Sunday)

Time : 0700am-1100am 

Venue : Pantai Bagan Pinang, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Official Results :  Time 1:42:05.837     | Endomondo Results :Time 1:42:05

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Ratings (out of 5 Stars)

  1. Food : ***
  2. Organizer : SwimOn ****
  3. Croud/happening : *****
  4. Tent : ****
  5. Water : *** (should have provided mineral water at the start/before race)
  6. Swim Course : **** for a beginner I can’t complain more.
  7. Sea condition : ****** (calm as swimming pool! ) no current or whatsoever
  8. Weather : **** Light rain, but better then hot burning sun.
  9. Markers/Buoys : ***
  10. Assistant : ****
  11. Kayaks/Boat/Security personal : *****
  12. Shops/merchandise : ***
  13. Buoy rental : ***
  14. Portable toilets : *** (only 6 near the Pertahanan Awam van) + the one near the foodcourt
  15. Public showers : *** 
  16. Drove : Non to be seen, compared to the 1st event.
  17. Official Cameraman/videographer : **
  18. Music : *** 
  19. Overall event : ****, 4 Stars I must say.

Race Report : As this was my 2nd Open water swimming event and my 1st 3km open sea event, I had no big expectations. My personal target was just to finish within the cutoff time as I knew my capabilities. This is a stepping stone to my next event, Perhentian 4KM solo swim around the Perhentian Besar Island in a couple of months.

Starting Lineup :  The Crowd/spectators were nice. Firstly, I did some warming up/normal routine same as pool (will elaborate more sometime). Secondly put my A game face,  (some pics thanks Zan+wife) jumped into the water. The starting line was between the 1st marker and 2nd marker but the organizer couldn’t control the participants . I would suggest a rope at beginning and remove the rope just a few secs before the starting of the race. That will make a better straight line at the starting line. In my mind, I put the mantra. (leisure mode although it was race) 

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air“, Ralph Waldo Emerson, essayist, lecturer, and poet.

1st loop . Well . This was ok. I guess I did well as my feet were still fresh. Previous most swim i did was about 2.5km. Normally in a pool i can swim up to 1km within half an hour. So for this event, the goal was to just finish below 2hours (cut off time) . Then only it will be mission accomplished for me. 

“This is the Buoy/Marker around the Course from close range”

2nd loop : Before the 2nd buoy at the far end, I nearly gave up. The PINK Buoy/marker seemed so far(sample as picture above). I even stopped at one point to drink water from the kayak .As some points, I was doing a lot of breast store compared to free style swimming. Surprisingly the sea condition was great for a PB but I blame myself for my lack of training. Only 1 week before I did a 2km open water sea for the whole 2months prior to this race. The journey was tiring and at times I wish it was over.

As a famous movies quote, “Pain heals, Chic dig Scars, Glory- last FOREVER” – The replacements.

At Finishing Line : The feeling to finally finish the race was overwhelming. Finally the pain and soreness is going to end. As the official results came out, they were 6 more behind me (exclude those DNS). But that didn’t bother me much. It just meant that I need to push harder and be well prepared for the next time around. In running event’s I always push to be the top 10% if possible. But as a newbie in swimming events I’ll take it slow. It’s still a long way from being an OCEANMAN.  

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