Switching to Garmin Connect

My New Forerunner 945

Ever since from the beginning of my running journey, I’ve been using Endomondo app actively for my tracking activities mainly running/swimming and hiking. Other apps on my phone that I have are MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, and also Strava.

All good things come to an end. I’ve been using endo premium since 2017-2018 but opt out in Jan 2019. It’s sad to say that I won’t be using endomondo anymore/often.

From 26 August 2019, I’ve switched on using Garmin Connect APP. However, I will still auto-sync with my other two apps which is endomondo/strava. I’m still in process of figuring out if it can auto update the pictures as well or only sync once after an activity. As for now i’ll be focusing on using Garmin Connect due to conveniences via my new Garmin FORERUNNER 945.

As for my new garmin, everything looks awesome ,except that the banks in my country have yet to support Garmin Pay. I’ve personally email 2 local banks and 1 Singapore bank base in KL to suggest support of Garmin Pay for local runners. Being a runner it was good news hearing FitPay will be supported starting 2020, and I hope GarminPay will follow as well.


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