This is not the 2020 that we dream of

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The WORLD as we use to know has changed. Imagine being in Rick Grimes walking up from a coma in a hospital.

If you cast your minds back, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was struck down while out on duty with Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) and was taken to the facility where he was put into a medically induced coma. It’s unsure how long he was asleep, however, the star of the show woke up to the building completely overrun by zombies. Read more:


2020 has stormed our lives with no warning. It seems like a nightmare to some. It indeed has effected so many lives around the globe in so many ways. As World Health Organisation(WHO) declared on 11 march the new name of then virus COVID-19 which somehow originated from a wildlife market in Wuhan. As many lives has been destroyed, children displaced, death toll climbing up, and most people directly effected are not able to say that last goodbyes. In some parts of the world, bodies are even left lying around. Governments engaging lock-downs and closing international borders. The aviation/tourism industry is in near standstill. People are out of jobs. Unemployment hits the roof as people are not able to go to work. Humanity is tested to the core. Is this really just a test? Is this the end of our normal lives? Indeed to some, life will never be the same again. We humans adapt to situations and and in these dire moments creative ideas solve common basic needs of people. As staying at home is the new norm to flatten the curve by medical agencies, staying indoors to some are different from others. For parts of the world like India, Indonesia, Ecuador, this can simply mean, no food on the table hence speedup starvation. Humanity is been tested. Different countries follow different methods, but its good to synchronize between countries in fighting this common enemy.

THE SCIENTISTS :For the first time in modern history, scientist come together putting their minds. It is awesome to see the extent of global scientific cooperation from east to west to examine and understand the virus that has engulfed us, how it has spread, and how to work together on potential vaccines or antibody-test that might help us discover and fight this virus once for all.

LEADERS :As they say leaders are born in crisis. People show true color during these moment. Indeed some leaders take advantage of the situation. The people need to stand up and fight their rights while practicing social distancing. In some parts of the world people are even organizing demonstrations against lockdown which is amazing. Leaders are tested and patience of the people are also tested. A lot of things are at stake. Life’s are at stake. Humanity are at stake. Will we strive to fight this common enemy ? During these dire moments they has even been some political change (which is amazing) as priority is indeed to fight the global pandemic that has swept the world. Leaders are put on the spot light. It’s either do or die situation. People lives are at stake. The rich might be comfortable hiding in their bunkers but the normal person on the street is effected together with the many front liners of the world.

NATURE IMPACT : On another note, it is said that the ozone layer has healed. At least some good news there.The ozone layer protects Earth from Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. It is found in Earth’s stratosphere, a layer of the atmosphere around 10–50 kilometres above sea level.Scientists had attributed the forming of the hole in the ozone layer in march this year, and recently it’s said to already heal by it self. Less Air/Water pollution has been observed around the globe. Here are some before and after pictures from We hope smuggling of wildlife species will also be looked into once its a bit calmer. Time wil tell. At least the world is healing.

FAQ : How Does it spread?

UNPRECEDENTED moments in history :

  1. Millions of people around the world ordered to stay at home
  2. Places of worship across the world are closed
  3. Pollution level decreases due to less human activity
  4. Ozone layer hole heals by itself
  5. War are put on hold and war against invisible virus are witnessed
  6. Scientist global cooperation for a potential vaccine.
  7. Illegal wildlife trade is a health issue

Strange times indeed. Will we ever recover from this? Is this the time to say our prayers and goodbye with our love ones before it’s too late. Let’s just prayer together as people of the world. As social distancing, increase of hygine,work from home become a norm. Someday, all this will be behind us.

As our lives are put on hold, remember the less fortunate people, those who lost their jobs, those who are starving, those who lost the battle to covid-19, those who never had the chance to say goodbye to their life, the front liners ,our family and the unnamed unsung heroes that support the global chain of humanity. Remember, always be #STAYSAFE #BeSTRONG. Come to think about it , this is not the 2020 that we dream of !

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