broga hill hiking trip



Broga Hill, semenyih, selangor

How far is semenyih from KL?

semenyih is like 50kms from KL,

What is the best time to be there?


How long does it take to reach the top of the hill?

+ the hiking will only take 40minutes and I believe a tin of Red Bull will be enough ^_^ provided that your stomach can take it early in the morning.

any maps to Broga?

( )

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things to bring?

sandwich for a picnic ^_^, errm wear hiking shoes / appropriate shoes, some mosquito repellent, some drinking water, hiking stick if you prefer it, hmm, what else…camera, tripod if u have one, and a healthy body…

Do I need high stamina?

No you don’t . even beginners find it easy!

what are the benefits?

let’s see…can I say enjoying the scenery + outdoor trip with colleague/buddies/gfs/significant other…

expected tentative :
4am – wake up, bath, pack ur necessary stuff that have been prepared the night before.
4.30am drive to semenyih, drive safely.
5.30am meet up somewhere near Broga Hill. T.B.C later.
7.00am sunset, take pics, etc.
Finish at 9 or 10 am depending on what see there. Still open for suggestions